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Market Overview: Use this page for a quick measure of the markets over several important time frames, and see whether the volume based accumulation or distribution measures are flashing a significant bullish or bearish warning sign.

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Weekly Market Outlook

Bankers, Bitcoins, Bubbles, and Breaking Bad

June 25, 2017

This week, tech and biotech stocks led the market. The Healthcare sector roared with the prospect of higher profits, should Obamacare be shelved. IBB, the biotech ETF rallied 9.57%. There are so many concurrent, self-reinforcing bubbles, it’s hard to choose a favorite. The first, the flood of money from central banks and bond market, is telling us two things: The Fed will not raise again soon, nor reduce its balance sheet. Good enough reasons for


Mish's Daily

Your Chances Are, Your Chances Are, Awfully Good

June 24, 2017

Last week, the market traded like a golden bull that crooned to keep his head above the fire. The S&P 500 began the week strong. The rest of the week, SPY never achieved taking out the highs. Rather, it sold off, broke the fast moving average, yet held critical support above 242. The NASDAQ 100, after the nasty spill from its all-time highs on June 9th, spent the week trying to demonstrate it rather sing