Finding The Extra Strength Stocks After Big News

September 19, 2013


By Geoff Bysshe

Yesterday the Fed surprised the market, and stocks exploded higher. As a result there were lots of stocks that had very big volume days. But I wanted to find stocks that had big volume and strong moves after all the initial excitement was over. I'll use this list to find both day trading and swing trading candidates.

My 'extra strength' criteria here is to find the stocks that moved up the most in the last half hour of the day on huge volume. Below you'll find a screen shot of the HotScans results, and a video that describes how I did the scan and what other criteria I'm looking for in a good trading candidate.


I also created an extended version of this video for HotScans members so if you're a member use this link to get a version of this video that gives you additional details on how to trade volume patterns like the ones I've scanned for here.

HotScans Members: Get The Extended Video Here

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