Another Gap That Respected Key Reference Points

December 3, 2011


By Geoff Bysshe

With all the gaps we’re experiencing in today’s European news driven markets, it’s very important to know the key reference points that can tell you whether to have a long or short bias after a stock gaps. Some of the most influential price levels on gapping days are known even before the gap happens! Do you know them?

Below is a video that is normally only available to members of our Opening Range Success Formula Members, but I’ve included it here today. In this video you see how Friday’s markets responded to these key reference points that you should know on any gap day.

In addition to the key reference points on Friday, there are some very interesting key reference points that will line up for Monday’s trading as you'll learn in this video.

To find stocks that are gapping in a significant way you can use teh Gapping Bulls and Gapping Bears Scans found here (if you are a HotScans member):

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