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Do You Have An Edge As Clear As "Triple Play Trading"?

SO FAR YOU'VE ONLY HAD A SMALL TASTE of the profits that can be generated from having the edge that Triple Play Trading gives you.

Triple Play Trades

Triple Play Trading gives you 3 unique indicators
that enable you to:

  • See the TRUE STRENGTH (or weakness) in market trends,
    that other traders cannot see
  • See UNKNOWN weakness in stocks near high forming tops, and
    buying opportunities near bottoms (before the market reverses)
  • See REAL strength in healthy breakouts, and warning signs in
    failing breakouts

With this new Powerful Information you can...

  • Catch big trend trades, because you know which breakouts to follow
    (great for swing trades and day trades)
  • Avoid false breakouts
  • Profit from failed breakouts with "reversal trade" set-ups
    (you'll learn these set-ups in this course)
  • Maximize your profits by exiting at turning points that other traders can't see!

PLUS... The Triple Play Trading Course will teach you Trading Strategies for:

  • Entering on pull backs for low-risk, high-reward trend trades
  • Momentum driven trend breakouts for instant gratification trades
  • Shorting low-risk reversals at "overbought" highs
  • Buying low-risk reversals at "oversold" lows
  • Explosive compression or "squeeze" play breakouts!

Of course... You'll also be able to apply the Triple Play Indicators to the trading patterns and strategies you already know.

Immediate Lifetime Access To The Training

Register now and you'll be able to immediately log into the streaming video recording of the training sessions.

All members receive life-time access to the recordings via live streaming video in the Triple Play Trading Member Area.

  • High volatility reversals
  • Breakout failures
  • The best breakout trades
  • Squeeze trades
  • "Ambushed High" Trades
  • "Head Fake Low" Trades

Lifetime Access to Indicators Nobody Else Can See!

As part of the training you will learn the exact steps for creating the 3 unique indicators on your own trading platform. Most trading platforms easily accommodate the changes you need to make to see the trend's strength (or weakness) in this way. For many platforms we also have the ability for you to download and install the changes with even less work. These platforms include: TradeStation, Ninja Trader, Think or Swim, TC 2000, E-Signal, Metastock, Wealth Lab Pro, Trade Navigator, Omni Trader, Trading View, and Visual Trader.


SPECIAL BONUS (A $1,164 value): You will receive a FULL-YEAR of access to our "Triple Play Coaching & Alerts", which provides daily trade set-ups that are either trending, pulling back, or reversing in their daily trend, and have a very bullish or bearish Triple Play condition.

This is a perfect list of pre-filtered trading candidates that you can use to quickly find the Big Profit Potential Triple Play Trades EVERY DAY.

Plus, every week you'll receive a "coaching and trade plan" video to show you which stocks to focus on the following day AND why. This will help you master how to trade with this unique and powerful insight in all different market conditions throughout the year.

Bonus #2 ($397 value): Immediate access to a recorded training session called, "Accelerated Implementation".

This training session is your "fast track" to getting started trading with the indicators with basic price patterns just like Geoff demonstrated in the webinar you watched so that you can start profiting from Triple Play with swing trades immediately!

You'll learn quick methods to:

  • Identify the patterns with the most profit potential.
  • Identify setups that could trigger trades each day using the Triple Play Alerts.
  • Apply the "Triple Play Indicators" edge to trade setups you may already be trading!
  • And more

Bonus #3 ($397 value): Immediate access to a recorded training session on "Intra-Day Entry Tactics".

In this session you'll learn tactics for taking advantage of intra-day market swings to get even better entry prices! Much of the material covered in this special training session was previously exclusive to other trading courses!

As a result of these intra-day tactics you will:

  • Minimize your initial trade risk.
  • Identify the best days to enter and even exit your trades.
  • Take advantage of intra-day volatility rather than fear it.

Look At What Others Are Saying About
"Triple Play Trading"!

WOW Sure Wish I Had Known About This

"WOW sure wish I had known about this training a LONG TIME AGO! High quality does not begin to adequately describe it. Thanks! I def believe it will be a major help. Already using the info on selling call vertical spreads and will apply on pure directional trades as well."

- Keith C

The Triple Play Is An Immensely Huge...

"Thanks so much for your valuable help over the years. I have to admit that I thought the Opening Range was an eye opener, but the Triple Play is an immensely huge day to day guide when used against some excellent setups."

- Tom G

Your Frameworks Have Helped Tremendously

Geoff, Thank you for taking the time to create the special training. Marketgauge has taught me so much about trading and approach to markets and your frameworks have helped tremendously with my understanding of the market.

I would be interested to learn more about the mastermind program and participate in it."

- Mukesh

I Am Really Seeing "Behind The Curtain"

I trade options so this is just what I have been looking for. I am really happy so far as I am really seeing "behind the curtain" with these indicators. For example, TSLA for days has been showing the volume support even if price has been tightly in a range. Normally, I wouldn't know if this is going to be going up or down. This morning it released to the upside just like the indicators were showing for over 2 weeks. I was positioned for the move and am very happy today! :)

Kind regards,

- Christina

Truth Be Told, This Morning Paid...

"Of COURSE you can post my testimonial...
Truth be told, this morning paid for the MMM subscription AND my Triple Play enrollment. Tomorrow is another day, but at least I'm not sitting today in a pool of my own (sweat) and wondering what just happened to my portfolio!"


- Douglas

I Have More Than Tripled What I Spent

"In just 4 months I have more than tripled what I spent on the course on a small account trading one option contract at a time."

- Jack B

A Very Pleasant and Profitable Time

Geoff, Just want to express my thank you for your insight this past year. I signed up at the end of last year for your Triple Play and AM trader training. It has been a very pleasant and profitable time. Your Triple Play indicators help me be more selective in the stocks I chose for the day.

In fact, I have been trading the currency markets the last few months with the same concepts slightly modified for that particular instrument. I will keep you on my regular education table as I believe you offer one of the most instructive sessions online today. You don't simply teach the basics, but equip the learner with an understanding of the reasons behind it. I will keep your site on my favorite list for future opportunities.

Again, Thank YOU!

- Mike

MarketGauge Is The Best!

I just wanted to give Geoff a pat on the back. In this week's mentoring video for triple play Geoff suggested ADBE, but not getting in until it pulls back so you can get a stop under the 86 level....well we got the pullback I got long some calls and sure enough the 86 level held as predicted & now I have a nice trade and I took some profits and now we'll see if the tail will run. Geoff's ability to "gauge" these markets lately has been beautiful to watch. Keep up the good work & MarketGauge is the best!!!!!!

My Trading Has Dramatically Improved

"Hello Geoff- My name is Dylan. I wanted to start off by giving you and your team a big THANK YOU. I feel very fortunate to have stumbled onto MarketGauge.

I have learned a ton from your webinars, and since becoming a triple play member my trading has dramatically improved. Thank you for the time and effort you put into mentoring and teaching."

- Dylan G.

This Special Package Is A Limited Time Offer...

The Triple Play Training Course (normally $997)
LIFETIME Access to training on detailed trade setups
The Secret Triple Play Indicator Formulas
LIFETIME Access to the easy to install files for most trading
platforms AND the formulas so you can put the indicators
on any customizable platform
Live Monthly Q&A and Mentoring
Every month you'll have access to Geoff or Keith in a live
training session where you can get any questions answered
and get live in the market mentoring to help you master the
Triple Play trading edge
A FULL YEAR of Weekly Mentoring Videos

and Daily Alerts of Bullish and Bearish Stocks and ETFS
Immediate access to "Accelerated Implementation"

This training session is your "fast track" to getting started
trading with the indicators with basic price patterns
just like Geoff demonstrated in the webinar you watched
Immediate access to "Intra-day Entry Tactics"

In this session you'll learn tactics for taking advantage of
intra-day market swings to get even better entry prices!
Much of the material covered in this special training session
was previously exclusive to other trading courses!

Total Value


Avoid The Regret of Missing This Complete Package
(Mentoring, Training, Daily Ideas & The Indicators!)
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