Focus List 3/11

Geoff Bysshe | March 11, 2011

Market Commentary: The markets are at key support levels. If we break it a short, if we hold there will be long opportunities. It is a day to be nimble!

Long Focus:
PLL: Gapping to new highs and out of a nice consolidation on the daily so this is a great pattern if it goes higher. 56.00 has been teh key level and it is a round number so that is really the number to focus on. R3 will be 57.15.

- Trade OR breakouts above 56 and could even trade a 2-min breakout on this one.

Other Long charts of interest:

Short Focus:
With so many of the stocks already down we'll really focus on the market ETF's for shorting. Both the SDS and the QID shoul be watched for OR Breakdowns below yesterday's low and OR Reversals. We're going to have to be nimble here has a have outlined in the training video put out this morning.

A couple other stocks of interest that having fallen but have compression are: