Position Updates & Gauges for Trading on 6/24/2014

Mish Schneider | June 23, 2014

****NOTE: Break even stop now in OI with 2 ATRs reached.

Have a couple of picks in the wings-patience will pay off-thanks


Existing Position: Long TAN 40.30 ATR 1.05

Name of Instrument: (ARCX) Guggenheim Solar Energy

Current Price: 44.26

Raised to Trailing Stop: 41.29

Reason For Trade: After a slingshot low May 21st, been compressing over the 200 DMA. June 11ths bullish engulfing pattern gave us a unique risk of only 1.5 ATRs to under the 200 DMA as solar stocks firmed on a weak day in the overall market

REACHED!!! First Target: 43.29 for ½

Stay Tuned for Second Target:

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Existing Position: Long OI 33.51 ATR .43

Name of Instrument: Owens-Illinois

Current Price: 34.50

****Breakeven stop: 33.51

Reason For Trade: Clears chart point since mid-April. Over 80 month moving average. Potential to 38 or better

First Target: 34.89 for 1/3

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