Position Updates & Gauges for Trading on 4/9/2014

Mish Schneider | April 8, 2014

New Position: Long IYR 68.30 ATR .69

Name of Instrument: iShares Real Estate ETF

Current Price: 68.59

Sell Stop 67.15

Reason For Trade: Showing relative strength in weak tape with a move and hold over the 50 DMA.

Target 1: 70.44 for 1/2

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Existing Position: XRX: Long 11.25 ATR .28

Name of Instrument: Xerox Company

Current Price: 11.49

RAISED Sell Stop: 10.84

Reason For Trade: Crossed key monthly moving average in 2013, tested and held the 200 DMA and confirming phase change to bullish

***Lowered-First Target: 12.04 for 1/3

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Existing Position: USO: Long Filled 36.13 ATR: .47

Name of Instrument: United States Oil Fund

Current Price: 36.92

Raised***Sell Stop: 35.54

First Target: 37.24 for 1/3

Reason For Trade: After our initial profitable position, it is setting up again with a move over the 200 DMA for a phase change to accumulation. Plus, it held key weekly and monthly moving averages.

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Existing Position: SODA: Long 39.10 ATR 2.00 2/3 left

Current Price: 40.77

Name of Instrument: SodaStream International

Trailing Stop: 39.99

REACHED****First Target 44.00 for 1/3

2nd Target: 46.44 for another 1/3

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Existing Position: CORN: Long 30.67 Position Size left 17%

Name of Instrument: Teucrium Corn Fund

Current Price: 35.22

Trailing Stop: 33.49

****REACHED! Next Profit Target: 34.27 sold ½ remaining position-no more targets-just raising trailing stops

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