Position Updates & Gauges for Trading on 3/3/2014

Mish Schneider | March 2, 2014

Existing Position: Long YUM: 72.89 ATR .90

Current Price: 74.08

Sell Stop: 71.49

Name of Instrument: Yum Brands

Reason For Trade: After gap post earnings, now above the 50 DMA. Good low risk trade against the 200 DMA looking for momentum to clear 74.00 if holds

First Target: 75.47 for 1/3 off

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Existing Position: EEM: Short 39.42 ATR .73

Current Price: 39.48

***NOTE-Leave stop but might adjust it down after open-watch for text/email
Buy Stop To Cover: 40.61

Name of Instrument: Emerging Market ETF

Reason For Trade: Failed the 80 and 23 month moving averages which are about to cross down. Recent rally sets up with a good risk over those moving averages.

First Target: 37.16 Cover 1/2

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Existing Position: WFC: Long 45.76 ½ position

Sold ½ 45.83

Current Price: 46.42

Sell Stop: 44.79

Name of Instrument: Wells Fargo

Reason For Trade: Good tight stop under 50 DMA with a strong candidate pick for 2014 to continue a move towards 47.00 and beyond

First Target: 47.80

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Existing Position: Long CCUR 8.48

Name of Instrument: Concurrent Computer Corp

Current Price: 8.26

***Lowered Sell Stop: 7.67

First Target: 9.84 for ½

Reason For Trade: Reported well, cleared the 80 month moving average. Longer term trade looks poised for move to 9.85 or higher. Rumors of takeover in the works

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Existing Position USO: Long 35.11 ½

Name of Instrument: United States Oil Fund LP

Current Price: 36.74

***Raise stop to trailing stop: 35.47

REACHED***First Target: 36.49 for 1/2

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Existing Position: CORN: Long 30.67 Position Size left 12%

Name of Instrument: Teucrium Corn Fund

Current Price: 32.48

Raised***Trailing Stop: 30.95

First Target: ****Reached 31.67 for 1/3

REACHED***Second Target: 32.27 for another 1/3 off

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