Position Updates & Gauges for Trading on 1/9/2015

Mish Schneider | January 8, 2015

NOTE: GM: With 2 ATRs raise stop to no loss 34.80. We took ¼ at 36.40 have P2 now or 1/4 at 36.97 MIT order-touches and becomes a market order


Existing Position: Long ½ position MOS filled 46.00 ATR .62 (Reports February 11th)

Name of Instrument: The Mosaic Company

Sell Stop: 44.79

Current Price: 46.33

Reason For Trade: After a significant peak bottom in mid-October, it flew past the 200 DMA and then returned to the 50 DMA. The 50 DMA has crossed above the 100 DMA. The risk is good, position small and trading in anticipation it can clear the 200 DMA. Longer term, 50.00 is the place it must clear.

First Profit Target: 47.94 for ½ off

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Existing Position: Long GM 34.80 ATR .76

Name of Instrument: General Motors Co. (Earnings Date February 15th)

***Breakeven Stop: 34.80 NO LOSS

Current Price: 36.20

Reason For Trade: In December 2014, it cleared the 23 month moving average, tested and held it thus far in 2015. Also a 2015 pick. On a weekly chart, like if clears 35.25 then can see move to 38.00 next resistance. The stop is within swing rules and under the lows from December 26, 2014 and the 200 DMA.

**REACHED First Profit Target: Took ¼ 36.40

Second Profit: P2 for another ¼ MIT order (market if touched) 36.97

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