Position Updates & Gauges for Trading on 1/30/2014

Mish Schneider | January 29, 2014

Existing Position: CORN: Long 1/2 Position Filled 30.67

Name of Instrument: Teucrium Corn Fund

Current Price: 30.61

Sell Stop: 29.47

Reason For Trade: After bottoming formation on 1/10/14, digesting the move with great risk to lows. 1/2 position until it can clear the 50 DMA

First Target: Leaving it flexible for now-watch for updates

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Existing Position: Long FITB 19.10 ¼ position remaining

Name of Instrument: Fifth Third Bancorp

Current Price: 21.07

Lowered***Trailing Stop: 20.54

REACHED**First Target: 20.94

Sold ½ Remaining balance: 21.75

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