Position Updates & Gauges for Trading on 1/23/2014

Mish Schneider | January 22, 2014

***NOTE: VNO: Reached 2nd Profit Target 93.49 for 1/3 off original position. 1/3 position remains. VNO-Trailing Stop updated

***NOTE: IGT: Earnings date 1/23 after close. See updated stops/targets-with note for exit

FITB Reports Before open-if can, exit the position in aftermarket placing a limit order to sell 21.75. If cannot do that, will have instructions in the morning –text/email sent at 4:35 PM EST-will set portfolio exit based on assumption still long


New Position: Long CORN: 1/2 Position Filled 30.67 ATR .68

Name of Instrument: Teucrium Corn Fund

Current Price: 30.58

Sell Stop: 29.47

Reason For Trade: After bottoming formation on 1/10/14, digesting the move with great risk to lows. 1/2 position until it can clear the 50 DMA

First Target: Leaving it flexible for now-watch for updates


New Position: KRE: Long 40.40 (ATR 1.22)

Current Price: 41.15

Name of Instrument: SPDR S&P Regional Bank

***RAISED Stop Loss: 39.47

First Target: 41.89 for 1/2

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Existing Position: VNO: Long 90.07 1/3 position

Current Price: 93.30

Name of Instrument: Vornado Realty Trust ATR 1.23

Reason For Trade: Confirmed phase change to bullish on daily chart. In good position on week/month charts.

Trailing Stop: 91.07

REACHED***First Target: 91.87 sold 1/3

REACHED***Second Target: 93.49 for another 1/3

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Existing Position: Long IGT 17.96

Name of Instrument: International Game Technology

Current Price: 18.09

****Raising Sell Stop: 17.49

***First Target: 18.54 for ½ then will let rest go until end of day or until you get a signal from me

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Existing Position: Long FITB 19.10 ½ position

Name of Instrument: Fifth Third Bancorp

Current Price: 21.89

***Since Reports before open, leave no loss stop in for now until you get new instructions

REACHED**First Target: 20.94

***Second Target: Reports before the open-wait for new stop/target

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