Position Updates & Gauges for Trading on 11/26/2014

Mish Schneider | November 25, 2014

***NOTE: CENX: raise stop to breakeven now that we have 2 ATRs-27.54 Lower P1 for 1/2 to 31.79

***KRE: Raise stop to 38.99

***DDD: raise stop to 34.94


Existing Position: Long DDD 35.92 ATR 1.56

Name of Instrument: 3D Systems Group

***Raised Sell Stop: 34.94

Current Price: 36.87

Reason For Trade: After a slingshot low on November 14th with confirmation and good volume the next day, this has cleared the 10 DMA and more importantly tested and held the 200 weekly moving average. Risk is to under the low of the whole move making this a good reason to hold on for a possible bottom trade. The company hired Will.i.am as its creative director. With big moves in Xerox and Hewlett Packard, both because of 3-D printing, DDD has lots of room. Not a typical phase change trade.

First Profit Target: 40.39 1/3 off


Existing Position: Long CENX 27.73 ATR 1.47

Name of Instrument: Century Aluminum

****Breakeven: 27.54

Current Price: 29.46

Reason For Trade: This is a reentry of the trade with a great risk to under the 50 DMA after posting an inside day on November 11th. The longer term trend based on a breakout over the 80 monthly moving average earlier this year shows great potential to 38.00-39.00 if takes out 29.60 the 2014 high.

First Profit Target: 32.23 for 1/2


Existing Position: Long KRE filled 40.10 ATR .78

Name of Instrument: SPDR S&P Regional Bank ETF

***RAISED-Sell Stop: 38.99

Current Price: 40.41

Reason For Trade: In an Accumulation Phase with the 10 DMA approaching a cross over the 200 DMA. Stop below the 50 DMA gives room for trade to mature. It crossed the 65-week moving average the last week of October and a trendline break from the 2014 highs after a substantial correction earlier in the month.

First Profit Target: 42.44 for 1/2