Position Updates & Gauges for Trading on 11/12/2014

Mish Schneider | November 11, 2014

***Note: Raising KRE stop a tad to 38.54-wide since long range trade

***CORN: Eliminate profit target at 26.79 and raise it to sell ½ at 27.94-also raise profitable trailing stop to 25.19


New Position: Long KRE filled 40.10 ATR .78

Name of Instrument: SPDR S&P Regional Bank ETF

***RAISED-Sell Stop: 38.54

Current Price: 40.51

Reason For Trade: In an Accumulation Phase with the 10 DMA approaching a cross over the 200 DMA. Stop below the 50 DMA gives room for trade to mature. It crossed the 65-week moving average the last week of October and a trendline break from the 2014 highs after a substantial correction earlier in the month.

First Profit Target: 42.44 for 1/2

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Existing Position: CORN: Long 24.75 ATR .61 (2/3 left)

Name of Instrument: Teucrium Corn Fund

***Raised to Profitable Trailing Stop: 25.19

Current Price: 25.85

Reason For Trade: Super tight risk based on the lows from 10/07 after it confirmed a slingshot low, then went on to trade above the 50 DMA then retrace back below it. Now, it has cleared the 50 DMA once again for an unconfirmed phase change to recovery. There has been concerns about heavy rain in the growing regions of the US impacting the fall harvest and the supply after a record number were planted before the harvest.

***REACHED! First Target: 25.70 for 1/3 off

P2 27.94 for ½ off of balance left

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