Position Updates and Gauges for Trading on 4/30/2015

Mish Schneider | April 29, 2015

***NOTE: Please be on the lookout for a breakout in PHO for a long term buy and hold email/text

***SODA Lower stop to 18.92


New Position: DBC: Long at 18.03 ATR .21

Name of Instrument: DB Commodity Index Tracking Fund

Current Price: 18.15

Sell Stop: 17.49

Reason For Trade: In a Recovery Phase after a bottoming pattern developed on March 18th. Clearing the 10 and 100 DMAs as well with a measured move to around 19.40 should this clear over 18.40, which would be highest close for 2015. On a monthly chart, 2009 low was 17.94 which it is trading above. That could mean the overall bottom is in place.

First Profit Target: ½ off 18.67

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New Position: Long DIA: 180.04 ATR: 1.83

Name of Instrument: SPDR DJ Industrial Average ETF

Current Price: 180.07

***Raised Sell Stop: 178.87

Reason For Trade: The Dow has flirted with 18,000 for nearly a month. The market has absorbed a lot of selling and corrections have been met with solid buying. The DIA has a good risk to under the low of April 17th for 1.5 ATRs of risk. If the Dow can hold at 18k, then good chance the market will continue higher over the next couple of months and the Dow can see 20,000 next. However, although we positioned for the 1.5 ATR risk, I might adjust the stop higher if the market cannot gain traction by the end of this week.

First Profit Target for ½ off: 185.67

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***Existing Position: SODA: Long 20.07 ATR .82

****Sold ½: 19.76

Reports May 13th

Name of Instrument: SodaStream Intl Ltd

Current Price: 19.52

Lower on ½ Sell Stop: 18.92 with 2 min time confirm

Reason For Trade: Cleared the 50, 10 and 100 DMAs on the daily chart. On the weekly chart, over 20.61 confirms a base going back to the beginning of 2015. The 2014 low was 20.13. Possible to see this bottom longer term with a potential move to 23.00 or higher. Our stop is under the 50 DMA.

First Profit Target: ½ off at 22.44 Market if Touched

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Existing Position: RSX Long ½ 17.26 ATR: .50

Name of Instrument: RSX Daily Market Vectors-Russia

Current Price: 19.76

****Raised Trailing Stop: 19.44 with a 2 minute time confirm

Reason For Trade: After basing throughout December 2014 into February 2015, it had a phase change to recovery, corrected and crossed back over the 50 DMA again, only this time with a positive slop. The buy stop triggered was because it also cleared the 100 DMA. Our stop is under the 50 DMA with a great risk/reward potential to 20.75 or higher

***FILLED!! First Profit Target: 18.67 for ½ off

***FILLED!! Second Profit target: 19.74 for another ½

***Third Profit Target: 20.74 for another ½ of balance left

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