Position Updates and Gauges for Trading on 3/24/2015

Mish Schneider | March 23, 2015

***NOTE: Rather than go into the open on Tuesday with an order to fill, CANCEL the DDD: buy stop at 28.27 and await fresh directions.


Existing Position: Long EA 56.13 ATR 1.32

Name of Instrument: Electronic Arts, Inc

Current Price: 57.27

Sell Stop: 53.29 with 2 minute time confirm (or just over 2 ATRs risk)

Reason For Trade: A top rated NASDAQ stock according to Marketgauge’s Proprietary Ranking System. EA has an upward sloping 50 DMA in a bullish phase and has traded this year in ranges not seen since 2007-2008. All time high was made in March 2005 at 71.16. Our stop gives it a wide berth to under the 50 DMA and with enough room to move it around as the trade matures.

First Profit Target for ½: 60.07

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Existing Position: Long ½ HACK 27.97 ATR: .47

Name of Instrument: PureFunds ISA Cyber Security ETF

Current Price: 28.62

**Breakeven Stop: 27.97 with 2 minute time confirm

Reason for Trade: Holding the January Calendar Range High with our stop super tight based on the support at 27.50 after it gapped higher on February 13th. New issue ETF as of last November so not much historical data. If clears 29.61 that will be new highs.

**REACHED: First Profit Target ½ taken off: 28.66

Second Profit Target for ½ of Remaining Balance: 29.37