Position Updates and Gauges for Trading on 1/28/2015

Mish Schneider | January 27, 2015

***NOTE: DDD: out at 28.97

***MOS: Sold ½ of the remaining shares at 48.57 Raise trailing stop to 46.87


New Position: Long CIEN 19.43 ATR .71 (Reports March 5th)

Name of Instrument: Ciena Corp

Sell Stop 18.47

Current Price: 19.37

Reason For Trade: Cleared all major moving averages with our stop under the 200 DMA. If can clear back over 20.00 we could see a move to 22.00 or higher if market holds in current trading range.

First Profit Target for 1/3 off: 20.44

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New Position: SUNE: Long 1/2 position 19.46 ATR 1.10

Name of Instrument: SunEdison Inc.

***Raised Sell Stop: 18.84

Current Price: 19.83

Reason For Trade: A 2015 pick, doing ½ as it clears the 10 and 100 Daily Moving Averages then will add the other ½ if it clears the 200 DMA now at 19.94. In 2014 it cleared the 80 month moving average making the long term outlook positive. On the weekly chart, is holding the 65 week moving average with our stop beneath for a perfect risk on the starter position size.

First Profit Target: TBD after we add should it clear the 200 DMA

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Existing Position: DDD: 1/2 Long 29.88 ATR 1.684 (February 26th Before market opens)

**OUT 28.97 of the ½ position


Existing Position: MOS filled 45.95 ATR .62 1/8 left (Reports February 11th)

Name of Instrument: The Mosaic Company

***Trailing Stop: 46.87

Current Price: 48.61

Reason For Trade: After a significant peak bottom in mid-October, it flew past the 200 DMA and then returned to the 50 DMA. The 50 DMA has crossed above the 100 DMA. The risk is good, position small and trading in anticipation it can clear the 200 DMA. Longer term, 50.00 is the place it must clear.

****REACHED! First Profit Target: 47.94 for ½ off

***Second Profit Target: Took ½ of the ¼ left at 48.57 ¼ remains

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