Position Summary & Market Analysis for Trading on 12/26/2013

Mish Schneider | December 25, 2013

Target Reached: Sell ½ FITB 20.94-FILLED!
Note raised stop on balance 19.37


Existing Position: Long TEX: 35.00 1/4 position

Current Price: 41.09

Name of Instrument: Terex Corp

Trailing Stop: 38.39

REACHED! First Target: 37.09 Sold ½

REACHED Second Target: 38.04 for ½ filled 38.20


Existing Position:  Long IGT 17.96

Name of Instrument: International Game Technology

Current Price: 17.81

Sell Stop: 16.24

First Target: 19.24 for ½ off


Existing Position: Long FITB 19.10

Name of Instrument: Fifth Third Bancorp

Current Price: 20.98

Raised***Trailing Stop: 19.37

REACHED**First Target: 20.94 Market if touched for 1/2


The hardest thing for an active trader to do is leave a thriving bull market for a vacation where sitting on a beach or touring a museum bores in comparison. However, this active trader knows that the market is always here, doesn’t really care about any individual trader, therefore it behooves one to take a rest from time to time.

I will return on January 2nd, 2014.

Happy Holidays to all and a very Healthy and Happy New Year!

Bye for Now!