Weekly Market Outlook

Gold Miners Leaving its Seven Year Bearish Itch

February 23, 2020

The Corona virus continues to run amuck and is creating havoc on human lives and the markets.  So rather than focus on opinions about whether or not it will become a worldwide pandemic, let’s look at the immediate impact. First and foremost, Apple was hit hard this week and ended down over -2.5% on Friday and is now off -5% from its recent highs. Considering

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Market HotSpots

What's hot today? What dropped today? This is a great source of new trades ideas when today's action creates an opportunity in the context of the Phase, 3-month, or 6-month trend!


This table looks displays the 5 biggest daily percentage gainers and losers as well as the 5 biggest six-month percentage gainers and losers as well as other key market data for those symbols. The market hotspots leaderboards are taken from a list of over 130 key and representative ETFs.

What to look for:

  • The daily gainers and losers can help you identify short-term market trends that might continue.
  • The six-month gainers and losers can help you identify ETFs with longer term strength and weakness.
  • Extreme or contrary moves in both long and short-term periods can point toward potentially overbought or oversold situations.

For a complete review of how to use basic price chart with moving averages please click here: