Will the Market See a Phase Change?

December 22, 2011

Mish's Daily

By Mish Schneider

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SPY The 200 DMA real close by.

QQQ: Inside day.

IWM ChartIWM: Over today's high should take this to the 200 DMA. Otherwise, under today's low, could see another trip to the 50 DMA.


GLD If truly in a distribution phase, look for distance between current price and the 200 DMA.

XRT (Retail) Digesting and not too far from the moving average convergence. Not overbought so good one to watch over today's high.

XLF (Financials) Nice. Second close over 12.87 and we got a recovery phase confirmed.

IYT (Transportation) Looking at a potential accumulation phase as we end this year.

IYR (Real Estate) Like IYT, same deal.

SMH (Semiconductors) A close over 30.60 closes the week out well and takes us to the 200 DMA.

OIH (Oil Service) Another good performance but hurdles remain. The 50 DMA is a big one.

Happy and Healthy Holiday to You and Yours!

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