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October 7, 2013

Weekly Market Outlook

By Mish Schneider

This week’s Market Outlook is a little different due to unforeseen circumstances. Since we were unable to provide an insightful commentary and video I thought it would be a good time to make sure you know about the other valuable free resources you can find here at MarketGauge.

Like Market Outlook, these are available via our “Resources” or “My MarketGauge" menu option on our home page.

Mish's Daily
A concise daily email which gives you insight into what to expect for upcoming short and long-term trading opportunities in ETFs that cover the major markets and industry trends.

HotScans Blog
Commentary and analysis on how to identify and profit from recurring trading opportunities in the markets. Plus, education on scanning the market's using our HotScans service.

Little Big View
And concise summation of the condition of the market based on a collection of market indicators.

One of my favorite of these indicators (the new high/new low ratio) is shown below, and please take note! If it drops below the 70 level it's a negative sign for this market, especially considering the series of 3 market swing highs with this ratio being weaker on each high! On the bulls side, however, Nasdaq's equivalent indicator is still quite strong and a significant correction is not likely unless both markets roll over. Keep track of these via your free access to our Little Big View area of our site.




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