9 Bullish Years Climax in…

March 10, 2018

Weekly Market Outlook

By Geoff Bysshe

Warning: This week’s Market Outlook is not what you’re expecting.

A miscommunication led to Keith and I both creating the free weekly video.

As a result, an interesting thing happened.

Our videos were nearly identical!

So what.
Why should you care?


Our objective at MarketGauge is to look at the markets methodically, and…

We build tools, strategies, and systems that enable us (and you) to see the markets in a consistent and profitable way.


When we both created an identical market analysis video, completely independently…

This demonstrates that anyone who wants to “trade like MarketGauge” can with a little practice!

And... you don’t take my word for it…

We’ll give you premium access this week for free!

If you’re a Premium Outlook member you’ll see the beginning of the video which is my version of the free, and I’d encourage you to also watch Keith’s free video to make the comparison.

AND… If you’re NOT a premium member, and

if you’d like to see both the premium version click here.

I’ve set up a one time only event that will email you a special link to the entire premium video which includes my free version so you can compare and so you can see everything I refer to below.

Here now is what you most likely expected to see in this post…

Happy Anniversary!

The bull market celebrated its 9th anniversary this week with brazen confidence that suggested it’s recovered from its February hang-over.

Yes, Friday’s employment report, which served up huge jobs gains with no signs of wage inflation, gave the bulls reason to celebrate, however…

The market was set up to run higher on any good news.


As you’ll discover in this week’s Market Outlook videos, there are some very compelling reasons to believe that the Bull has the endurance to continue.

Some of the reasons covered include:

  • The weekly Real Motion readings in the major indexes
  • The Big View gauge with a strong bullish reading
  • Signs of increased strength in the broader market as measured by the IWM
  • Broad sector strength
  • Improving market internals
  • The current condition of the trend in interest rates
  • The February ‘melt-down’
  • And more!

If I wanted to hedge my point of view, I’d point out that the traditional gift for a 9th anniversary is “pottery”, which can be pretty fragile.

But as the image for this post implies.

Some pottery lasts a long time!

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