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The lifetime offer entitles you to complete access to the
Real Motion alerts and mentoring service for the lifetime of the service.
It requires an annual $197 maintenance fee. (Saves $967 /yr)

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SO FAR YOU'VE ONLY HAD A SMALL TASTE of the profits that can be generated with Real Motion Indicators.

Real Motion Trading

Real Motion Trading gives unique indicators to trade any market in multiple time frames with an edge no other traders have!

These powerful indicators enable you to:

  • See the HIDDEN STRENGTH (or weakness) during market trends,
    that other traders cannot see, so you know the best trends to follow.
  • See UNKNOWN weakness and resistance that creates short and long-term tops. And the same is true for buying opportunities near bottoms (before the market reverses)
  • Calculate (in advance!) expected market highs and lows that are often different than the price swing highs and lows!

With this new Powerful Information you can...

  • Catch big trend trades, because you know which breakouts to follow
    (great for swing trades and day trades)
  • Avoid false breakouts because you'll see Real Motion Trends going in the opposite direction of the price action everyone else is looking at!
  • Profit from failed breakouts and over extended markets with "reversal trade" set-ups (you'll learn these set-ups in this course)
  • Maximize your profits by exiting at turning points that other traders can't see!
  • Avoid massive market collapses that begin at major moving average breaks, because you'll see when the Real Motion trend pressure is indicating massive selling pressure that other traders can't see.

PLUS... The Real Motion Trading Course will teach you Trading Rules for:

  • Entering on pull backs for low-risk, high-reward trend trades
  • Momentum driven trend breakouts for instant gratification trades
  • Shorting low-risk reversals at "overbought" highs
  • Buying low-risk reversals at "oversold" lows
  • Explosive compression or "squeeze play" breakouts!

Of course... You'll also be able to apply the Real Motion Indicators to the trading patterns and strategies you already trade.

Immediate Lifetime Access To Training

Register now and you'll be able to immediately log into the streaming video recording of the training sessions.

All members receive life-time access to the recordings via live streaming video in the Member Area where you'll learn swing trading rules for profiting from:

  • Big trend changes near major highs and lows.
  • Major trend changes at the institutions' favorite support and resistance levels.
  • Quick swing trades based on pullbacks to enter low risk trend continuation trades.
  • Quick reversal trades with Real Motion overbought and oversold setups.
  • Breakout failures at conventional support and resistance levels.
  • And more!

Lifetime Access to Indicators Nobody Else Can See!

As part of the training you will learn the exact steps for creating the unique Real Motion Trading indicators on your own trading platform. Most trading platforms easily accommodate the changes you need to make to see the trend's strength (or weakness) in this way. For many platforms we also have the ability for you to download and install installation files. These platforms include: TradeStation and Think or Swim.

The following platforms will support our instructions (or download files) to create the Real Motion Indicators: Fidelity Active Traders, Trade Station, Trade Navigator, eSignal, Ninja Trader, Meta Trader, MetaStock, TC2000, Trading View, and Think or Swim. We will also provide you with the formulas to use for customizing any other platform that enables you to build custom indicators.


SPECIAL BONUS (A $1,164 value): You will receive a LIFETIME ACCESS to our "Real Motion Trading Mentoring & Alerts", which provides daily trade set-ups that are either trending, pulling back, or reversing in their daily trend, and have a very bullish or bearish Real Motion condition.

This is a perfect list of pre-filtered trading candidates to quickly find the Big Profit Potential Real Motion Trades EVERY DAY.

Plus, every week you'll receive a "mentoring and trade plan" video to show you which stocks to focus on the following day and week AND why.

This will help you master trading with this unique and powerful insight in all different market conditions throughout the year.

This Special Package Is A Limited Time Offer...

Real Motion Training Course (normally $997)
LIFETIME Access to training on detailed trade setups
The Secret Real Motion Indicator Formulas
LIFETIME Access to the formulas so you can put
the indicators on any customizable platform
BONUS #1: LIFETIME ACCESS to Weekly Mentoring Videos
and Daily Alerts of Bullish and Bearish Stocks and ETFS

Total Value


PLUS... Another Bonus

Bonus #2 ($397 value): Recorded training session called, "Accelerated Implementation"

This training session is your "fast track" to getting started so that you can start profiting from Real Motion Trading with swing trades immediately!

In this training session you'll have the opportunity to see Keith use the indicators and evaluate real-time trading ideas for you so that you will learn how to:

  • Identify the patterns with the most profit potential.
  • Identify setups that could trigger trades each day using the Real Motion Trade Alerts.
  • Apply the "Real Motion Trading Indicators" edge to trade setups you may already be trading!

Yes, you will also have LIFETIME access to the recording of this training session.

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"This tool is the 'night-vision goggles' that allows us to see those hidden layers and actions that just can't be seen otherwise. Amazing tool, amazing results. Cheers, and keep up the good work."

- Douglas B

The More I Work With It, The More I Love It

"I have this indicator. I would not take a trade without it. I use it as a confirming indicator, and it also serves as a precursor to future action, because RM often leads price.

The more I work with it, the more I love it. And, I worked with ****, creator of what I thought was the best momentum indicator, ****. This is even better as it is faster and gives more information."

- Allen B.

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The lifetime offer entitles you to complete access to the
Real Motion alerts and mentoring service for the lifetime of the service.
It requires an annual $197 maintenance fee. (Saves $967 /yr)