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Michele 'Mish' Schneider

Mish Schneider, one of the first women on Wall Street, is finally sharing her proprietary trading strategies.

Through her prestigious analysis service, Mish's Market Minute Premium, Mish has helped thousands of everyday people move closer to their financial goals. Her recommendations, education, and analysis have generated millions for her students, and can now do the same for you.

That's right.

This exclusive membership is now open to the general public.

Mish's Market Minute Premium has consistently brought in profits with just 15 minutes of trading per week.

By following Mish's trade recommendations, ordinary people with no previous trading experience are able to retire early, take dream vacations, and discover their path to financial independence.

They're doing it steadily, week in and week out, with clearly defined and limited risk trades handed to them by Mish personally.

They're doing it on the go, from anywhere in the world, and they're doing it in just 15 minutes a week - without having to take time out of their normal schedules.


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Here's what some of our MMMA members have to say about their membership.

I Was Ready To Quit Trading

"I was ready to quit trading until I discovered MMM Premium.

I can't say enough good about you and the Marketgauge guys.".


I Cannot Recommend Your Practice Enough

"I cannot recommend your practice highly enough to new traders!"

Peter D

I Appreciate You!

"Thank you for all your mentoring... I can't tell you how much I appreciate you!"

E. Williams

I Learn Everyday

"You are amazing in your analysis. I learn everyday with you."

R. Aldridge

Truth Be Told, This Morning Paid...

"Of COURSE you can post my testimonial... Truth be told, this morning paid for the MMM subscription AND my Triple Play enrollment. Tomorrow is another day, but at least I'm not sitting today in a pool of my own (sweat) and wondering what just happened to my portfolio!"


Doug B.

My Untold Gratitude 2 All of You

"My untold gratitude 2 all of you. I am the trader I am today because of you."

Peter Drake

Super Comfortable Trading For The First Time

"Hi Mish,

All my life I was looking for somebody who can take me under his/her wing and show me the right way to trade. I've even been hanging at the NYME coffee shop when I was taxi driver in NYC trying to meet that person.

Finally I found you guys and I'm so thankful that I did.

Regardless of my positions today, and regardless how I'm going to finish today, I've got tell you that I really feel super comfortable trading for the first time in my life.

Wish you guys all the best, keep up the phenomenal job you do, and I hope maybe one day we can even meet in person, it will the greatest honor for me!"



I've Gained 4X The Cost


Thought you might want to know, I have gained 4X the cost of the service so far."

Best regards,

Dave Hurst


"We would not be with Mish if we didn't rate her the BEST!"


"I'm actually beating the market. It's just a matter of simply following her direction!"


"I've been following her since 2018 and have been very successful. Since 2020, she's been up over a hundred percent!"
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Mish's Market Minute Premium Daily Analysis ($997 annual value)

Each and every market day, you'll get world-class market insights and analysis delivered straight to your inbox in email form. These reports are designed to give you the biggest edge possible in your trading.

You'll get 10 (or more) selected sector ETFs paired with actionable price parameters and trading recommendations, as well as personal market insights directly from me, complete with updates on current (and coming) market phases.

And to make sure you have as much time as possible to prepare your trades, your daily email comes after the market has closed -- well before the next trading day begins. This way, you can plan ahead of market moves instead of just reacting to them.

MMMA Premium Real-Time Trade Alerts via Email & SMS Text ($1,997 value)

Each week you'll receive up to five trade setups (via email) showcasing prime trading opportunities I personally 'hand select'.

You'll get all the important details on exactly how to play these trades for the most profit potential.

I'll take you step-by-step through each trade with:

  1. Email and SMS (text) alerting every time I make a new trade, or adjust an existing trade.
  2. Daily email commentary and my plans on each trade as it develops. This will also be posted in your exclusive member area.
  3. A visual review of the trades in your 2x weekly training videos.

These alerts take the guesswork out of your trading with emails containing cherry picked trade with sprecise entries, stops and targets -- as well as updates and action items regarding existing positions.

Weekly live in the market mentoring ($997 annual value)

You'll literally look over my shoulder as I walk you through my analysis of the market and my trades!

These mentoring sessions start with a comprehensive analysis of the macro picture, the economic modern family, commodities, the US dollar and interest rates. From there, we review existing positions and those we exited, along with a preview of trade setups I am watching. And when applicable, I also do an analysis of subscriber picks.

This way, you can learn why recommendations are being made, and how to use these strategies to improve your own trading outside of MMMA.

Plus, MMMA members can access the entire training video vault to review prior sessions from any market condition and time period you like.

Mish's Market Minute Scanner ($997 annual value)

This cutting edge scanner is not available for purchase outside of MMMA membership.

But you can get access to it now when you hit the Orange 'GET MMM PREMIUM NOW' button below.

The Market Minute Scanner gives you not one, but two actionable lists updated daily with the top bullish and bearish setups for you.

These include:

  • Phase changes
  • Slingshot patterns
  • Range expansions
  • How many days an instrument is above or below the fast-moving average

This powerful, intuitive trading software lets MMMA members find high probability trade setups on demand.

MMMA help center with resources and support staff ($297 annual value)

To make sure that you get the very most out of your MMMA membership, our help center is set up with training resources that make it easier for you to hit the ground running.

In this area, you can find our "Quick Start" training, Phases tutorial, and a Glossary of Terms to make sure you always understand everything we cover.

Plus, our dedicated support team is available via phone and live chat during business hours (9 - 5 ET) and via to answer your questions and keep you moving forward.

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Now Here's the Best Part...

Can I let you in on a little secret?

EVERYONE has the brainpower to make money in stocks.

But not everyone has the stomach...

You already have your investor's edge, you just need to know how to use it.

Once you understand that, you may be surprised at how easy it is to beat the big boys.

That's why my passion for teaching led me to create my Market Minute Premium -- to help you do exactly that.

MMMA is an opportunity for you to get the kind of market guidance, analysis, and recommendations that until just a few years ago was available only to the ultra wealthy.

Fortunately, I want to give you the same advantage they had by making sure anyone can leverage this information.

Now, as you can see above, the total value of this special MMMA Premium service is $4,785...

And that's not counting the $891 in free bonuses (that could be worth significantly more to your trading...)

That brings the grand total to $6,073.

But that's not what you're paying today...

In fact, you're not even paying half of that.

When you become a Mish's Market Minute: Premium member today, you pay just $997 -- a savings of more than $5,000!

That's more than 75% in savings.

Given how huge this discount is, combined with MMMA's consistent high win rate, you have the potential to recoup your investment back on your very first trade - and then some.

You're getting this HUGE discount today because you attended my live How to Profit from Consumer Instinct presentation.

This service is perfect for traders who want to avoid taking losses while still generating consistent wins -- without being at the mercy of complicated (and overpriced) indicators.

But you have to take action now, because once you leave this page, this offer is gone.

If you see it again, it may be at full price.

Don't leave this page without securing your membership, or you may miss out on getting access altogether.

This Offer Is Not Available Anywhere Else

Mish's Market Minute Premium. Just. Plain. Works.

Become a MMMA member today to start seeing the results you deserve with a 40-year award winning trading veteran guiding you every step of the way.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

As a member, you receive my most high-probability trades with minimum risk.

MMMA is so effective that I'm guaranteeing it out of my own pocket.

If you don't see at least 36 winning trades within the next 12 months, I will give you another year for FREE out of my own pocket.

Just contact the dedicated concierge team before the end of your first year term, and they'll take care of the rest.

No questions asked.

Start using the "Executive Signal" and leverage America's #1 analyst now!

YES! I want to become a Mish's Market Minute Premium member for only $997 (SAVE 75%) and take advantage of $891 in free bonuses now!

Simply click the button below to claim your access now.

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