Evening Watch List for November 9th, 2011

Mish Schneider | November 8, 2011

SPY: 127.50 the 200 DMA cleared with an unconfirmed return to an accumulation phase with better than yesterday's, but still less than average daily volume. A break of today's low would be worrisome.

IWM:  77.70 the 200 DMA.

QQQ: What can I say? Never had any doubt as long as the 200 DMA held.


GLD 172.20 pivotal.

XLF (Financials) moved back above 13.45 which now should hold.

XRT (Retail) Can't keep a strong sector down too long. A close over 53.75 good to perhaps 57.50

IBB (Biotechnology) Sloppy and back over 97.00 a good place to be.

OIH (Oil Service Holders) We saw what happened over 130.00.

Longs: Today's video covers how to use this list if you are a swing trader.  Lots have triggered over last 2 weeks. Important you know how to manage a position once you have entered it.

VFC End of day close above the FTP which is negatively stacked now at 135.29. Should hold there and clear R1 137.43.  Swing stop 132.45 Mini 133.83 S1 Daytrade 134.60. 1st target 141.80 or better. Day to Swing

PVH (NR 7) negative pivots but good daily chart. Pivots at 73.00. Through R1 74.42 could see move to 79.00 or higher. Swing Risk 69.40 Mini 71.57 Daytrade 72.95.Day to Swing

DECK Condition 1 with 2 days under the pivots at 112.45.  R1 114.42. Swing Risk 109.40 Mini 111.45 Daytrade 112.45. Overhead at 118.00 but with a good market could go higher. Day to Swing

CNX (NR 19) A weekly close over 45.00 clears the 65 weekly moving average. R1 45.55 to clear then 47.00 the 200 DMA next hurdle. Swing Risk 40.70 Mini 44.00 Daytrade 44.32 Target 56.00 or higher.Day to Swing

JAZZ In case biotech recovers, this is oversold on the daily and holding last week's low 34.07 plus the 200 DMA 33.50-a perfect swing risk. Looking for a move over R1 35.52 to trigger entry. First Target 41.00. Day to Swing

Honorable Mention: OR Reversal Any of recent entries/picks with positive pivots plus COH* APA AAPL  Must clear R1 CNI*NSC* UA (R1 85.36) RRC (NR 11) AXP (NR 7) LVS* (NR 10) A close above 49.20 highest since last February


LO Negative pivots at 109.67 and should not clear R1 110.83. Could see move to 105.50 if breaks Day to mini

SOHU Negative pivots at 59.91 should not clear 61.78. Could see 47.00 Day to Mini

ACOM negative pivots at 24.25 should not clear 25.17. Could see 20.65 or lower. Day to Swing

Honorable Mention: WYNN (R1 130.89) VMED (R1 24.70) LEA (R1 45.39) CHK (R1 27.39)