Evening Watch List for December 26th

Mish Schneider | December 26, 2012

Longs: On categories: Gap higher days we go to all categories and choose ones with lowest risk that break the opening range. On weaker days, we look at Category 3, especially if the picks hold S1, previous day lows or a major moving average and have a good risk on the reversal. The difference between Category 1 and 2 is the stock condition-a Condition 1 is strongest stock and more likely to make a parabolic move.
Note**: Anything that is on this list is a candidate for a swing trade-(of course market condition is a factor) -use the max risk mentioned along with an opening range stop using fudge factor and time confirms. I suggest you decide on 1 or 2 that have a risk you like and then position size accordingly.
NOTE: Some of these picks are for beyond Monday as we begin to explore bullish and bearish favorites for 2013 as well-will denote with an *. A more detailed list will be produced next week.

Category 1: N/A

Category 2: N/A

Category 3: (Double Up) Positive Phase, Condition 1 through 4, Positive Pivots which means can either buy a opening range breakout or candidate for Opening Range Reversal, with Risk S1 or previous day low, whichever is lower unless noted differently, Target- Day to at least 3 ATRs from entry:
NOTE: Many of these have negative pivots for Monday-that means if open above pivots ok, if not-will wait for any long entry

MSI* Held 54.00 now good place to hold as prospect for this is good as we go into 2013.

HP 55.35 the 10 DMA max risk and over Friday high could see resumption of recent rally

MON* has to clear 93.00 for new leg up and hold around 92.00

WHR* Like over 102.78 to see a possible move to 109 and beyond. Risk swing under 99.00 for swing

WPI closed on new all-time highs. Now has to hold 89.00

NBL recent highs 103.08. 105.46 is the 2012 high. Swing risk to 107.00

WYNN 112 good risk and watch for a move above 114. Over 116 taking out the slingshot high from 11/2.

WYN Inside day. Follow range break up and should hold 53.00

CP Inside day. 99.57 Thursday low is max risk. Made new all-time highs last week

HOG Phase change, golden cross. Held the 10 DMA with Friday low best risk. Looks better over 49.00

DE* As long as it hold 84.998 or the 50 DMA, over R1, looks good although still has a slingshot high at 87.50 which has to clear

SHW Inside day. Phase change to bullish. 150 is a good risk

Category 4: N/A

Phase Change: JWN* Basing out and liking this as long as 51.32 holds. OII* If holds Friday's low, and crosses 54.00 could be showing a basing action going back to October. RGLD Slingshot confirmed on 200 DMA which means clear risk to Thursday's lowUNH* confirmed phase change to recovery and right against the 200 DMA. 55.00 should hold P*Like to see Friday low hold and clear 9.22 VFC* Hanging onto the 200 DMA . 148.30 good risk now and like to see Friday high clear BEAM* If holds Friday low and takes out 62.00 could see good follow through up. POT* Tested and held the 50 DMA. Has to hold Friday low and clear the high

Shorts: Not seeing a lot of great short setups into Monday

Category 5: Titanic-Bear Phase, Negative pivots, not oversold, Risk R1 or previous day high. Target: Day to swing

MJN Good risk is to 66.00 area as overall chart is still heavy

DG Risk is Friday's high and needs to break S1

FSLR Look for an OR high failure. Like more for a correction to 25-26 area.

Bye for Now!