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Holiday Time with the Economic Modern Family

Mish Schneider | April 18, 2019

Perhaps you are with family this weekend. Hopefully, that is a harmonious experience for you. However, some families are decidedly disharmonious. For example, the Economic Modern Family are squabbling this weekend. With a clear lack of unity, the fights among the members concern who is right (the strong or the weak.) If most of us charted our family differences, they might look like the divergences we see in the Modern Family weekly charts. Rarely have

Will Disney’s Stock Gains Open a Stitch?

Mish Schneider | April 17, 2019

The Disney stock has run up around 31% since the beginning of April. With the announcement of Disney’s own Disney+, to compete with Netflix, no less than 18 analysts gave the stock an upgrade. That’s great if you bought the stock before the news (my Advantage service did.) However, the economic Modern Family, is mimicking a scene from the Disney franchise, Lilo & Stitch. In that film, two eccentric and mischievous characters find one another.

Transportation Sector’s Fancy Spokes

Mish Schneider | April 16, 2019

One of the perks of writing this Daily, is that I get to do research about things I would ordinarily never think about. Then, I decide if the research applies as a useful metaphor for the market action. Although I have admired wheel spokes on cars, I had no idea that they determine the overall weight and strength of a wheel. Car manufacturers will make sure the spokes provide enough strength by considering the car’s

The Stock Market Devil Baits Bulls with Momentum

Mish Schneider | April 15, 2019

At the close of last week, the Russell 2000 IWM, Semiconductors SMH, Transportation IYT and Regional Banks KRE performed well. Concurrently, Biotechnology IBB and Retail XRT, struggled. That left us wondering for today: Will the Modern Family adapt to any environment? Or, Will the two absent members of the Modern Family give way to anxiety? With the recent trend of choppy, low volume sessions, assessing if the Devil will smack down the bulls who keep

4 of 6 Economic Modern Family Members Perform on Command

Mish Schneider | April 13, 2019

On Friday, the Russell 2000 IWM, Semiconductors SMH, Transportation IYT and Regional Banks KRE performed on command. Not quite as adorable as these four Havanese pups, the one index and three other sectors did at least keep the bulls smiling. The Havanese breed has a spirited personality and is noted for its springy gait. They adapt to almost any environment. Furthermore, they do not like to be isolated for any length of time. In fact,

Is All the Stock Market’s Love in Vain?

Mish Schneider | April 11, 2019

Robert Johnson wrote the blues song Love in Vain long before The Rolling Stones made it a hit. In the song, a man is taking his failed romantic partner to the train station. The train pulls out of the station and he is left wondering whether “All my love’s in vain.” In the market, the only real winner today was the train-or the transportation sector. All the indices turned red. Retail, Biotechnology, and Semiconductors also

Stock Market Hires the Bug Bouncer

Mish Schneider | April 10, 2019

As we were gassing the car up the other day, a pick-up truck idled at the next pump. When I saw the logo of a termite holding a barbell embossed on the side of the truck, I grabbed my iPhone to photograph it. (Visual motivation is everywhere! The owner of the truck popped out. He operates an extermination service called The Bug Bouncer. Today, the bug bouncer showed up to exterminate the termites who have

One Day After Hammy’s Bath, the Market Takes One Too

Mish Schneider | April 9, 2019

Last night I wrote about Hammy, and that his spring bath was delayed until this past weekend because of unusually cold weather. Before Hammy’s bath, the Russell 2000 reached a high of 157.47 last Friday. Yesterday, the Russell confirmed the improved phase change to Accumulation, but failed to recapture the 50-week moving average (blue line.) Today, IWM fell by over 1%. As if right on cue, soaking Hammy in water (Year of the Pig with

After a Long Winter Rally, Hammy the Pig Gets His Spring Bath

Mish Schneider | April 8, 2019

How many can say they have been kissed by a pig? Hammy and I started our love affair in February when he became our mascot for the Chinese New Year of the Pig. This year, since the element is water, Raymond Lo, an astrologist whom I have followed for years, predicts the stock market will have many issues. He goes on to say that those issues will remain until the return of fire starting in

The Economic Modern Family Crossed These Lines to Live

Mish Schneider | April 6, 2019

One of the most memorable Robin Williams routines, was the one he did about Gaddafi. “This a line of death. You cross it, you die.” Then he takes a step back and says, “OK, you cross this line, you die.” One more step and again, “OK you cross this line, you die.” We all know it did not end well for Gaddafi. Similarly for the market, lines keep getting pushed back. The recent price action