Weekly Market Outlook

Bye, Bye, Bonds

July 22, 2018

The action in US equities was mostly sloppy and mixed his week as the key indexes look to be trying to digest recent gains despite a steady diet of wacky news emanating from the White House or the Kremlin. The Russell 2000 picked up +.6% while NASDQ 100 slipped -.35%. The news feeds all  focused on the shifting global order but the real show is

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Volume Analysis

Use this page for a quick measure of the markets over several important time frames, and see whether the volume based accumulation or distribution measures are flashing a significant bullish or bearish warning sign.


This table tracks key performance and indicator data for the four major U.S. indexes. The upper section displays the most recent closing price as well as the daily, weekly, and longer-term price performance. The lower section displays the most recent volume, its relative change from the prior day, and information about the number or recent accumulation and distribution days.

Accumulation/Distribution represents either the buying (accumulation) or selling (distribution) of market moving volumes of stock by large institutions. Accumulation (Distribution) is an index closing up (down) in price on higher volume than the prior day.

What to look for:

  • A series of 4 or 5 distribution days over a two week period can signal the need for caution.