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Market Overview: Use this page for a quick measure of the markets over several important time frames, and see whether the volume based accumulation or distribution measures are flashing a significant bullish or bearish warning sign.

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Weekly Market Outlook

Clan of the Billionaire Cave Bear

August 22, 2016


Equity markets worldwide were fairly calm this week as US equities consolidated gains at new all-time highs while volatility indicators continued to contract. The standout performer was China (FXI) which rallied 1.4%. The list of billionaires publicly calling for and betting on a big market drop is worth mentioning because it runs the gamut from world class speculators, macro traders, activist investors, fixed income gurus to old fashioned world bankers. This diverse group included Paul Tudor Jones, George Soros, Carl [...]


Mish's Daily

A Market Filled With Ifs

August 25, 2016


“You do not really understand something unless you can explain it to your grandmother.” Proverb Retail is the Modern Family grandmother and about 70% of the gross domestic product. Hence, if we are to understand the market, we must explain how Granny impacts it. And, we must make that explanation easy. Above is the daily chart of XRT, one ETF for Retail. With the 50 above the 200 day moving average, it is in a bullish phase. Consumer confidence shows [...]