Early Warning Signs Of A Failing Trade

December 29, 2016

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By Geoff Bysshe

Early Warning Signs Of A Failing Trade

Buying near the low of the day doesn’t guarantee a winning trade, but it can keep you in trades longer, and keep your losses small, because a good trade will hold up in minor market declines.

However, there are good lows to buy, and the rest should be avoided!

Additionally there are days in the market that stack the odds of success in your favor, as well as those that put the odds severely against you.
(Go Here for a video tutorial on how to identify "The Best Days To Trade")

In this video you’re NOT going to see an easy home run trade.

Instead, I review a more common situation for most traders, the trade that starts to work but then stalls.

How can you anticipate that your initial rally off a good entry is just temporary?

In this video I review how you can use simple rules with the opening range along with important key reference points to anticipate when a low is a good low to buy, and then...

You’ll see what happens when a trend down day in the market hits a good strong stock, and how the stock’s market action indicates that the sentiment of your trade has turned against you even as the stock moves higher!

The Holiday Special video mentioned in the video can be found here: "The Best Days To Trade"

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