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Who cares about surging rates when there is a Royal Merger

Keith Schneider | May 20, 2018

Despite the headwinds of higher oil prices, surging interest rates (chart above is 1-3-year bond prices SHY) and higher industrial metals, US equity markets digested strong gains from the prior week ending down less -.5%.  The exception was the Russell 2000 (IWM) that was up 1.2% closing at new record highs on Friday on big weekly volume. US Equity inflows totaled almost nine billion which mostly flowed to those small caps (IWM) which we have

Risk on as Stocks Roar Despite Geo-Political Turmoil

Keith Schneider | May 13, 2018

US Equities roared this week with each of the four benchmarks putting in a dazzling performance up over +2.5% on average,  performing with immunity from what most students of history would say is more than a hairline fracture. The escalation of hostility on the Golan Heights is troubing as well as the populist win in Italy unveiling an even more fractured NATO and EU. Here are some of this week’s highlights: All Key Equities Indexes

"Musk-et Shot"

Keith Schneider | May 5, 2018

Not quite outdoing President Trump, Elon Musk took on the media/ financial press when he refused to answer some questions during a conference call and then vowed to bury the shorts. But even Musk’s meltdown this week failed to tank Tesla, although the stock remains under pressure Equity markets once again shrugged off national discord and recovered on Friday with a little help from Apple’ s blow-out earnings, taking the stock to new all-time highs.

Love Story

Keith Schneider | April 28, 2018

Equity markets rebounded off recent lows this week after photos of the historic meeting between South Korean President Moon Jae-in and North Korea dictator Kim Jun-un (AKA “little rocket man”) were released. President Trump is rightfully taking credit for the unfolding thaw. His tactics have diverged from his predecessors as he has not been playing hard to get. Trump intends to follow-up with a date with Kim next month to secure a nuclear free North

Several Sectors Turn Upside Down. Who’s Next?

Geoff Bysshe | April 21, 2018

Last week stocks tried to move into a bullish phase by moving over the 50-day moving average, but ran into some head winds with rising rates, and a couple of sectors that turned upside down. Since the February lows, the 50-day moving average in the SPY and QQQ has proven to be an area from which these markets have either rallied nicely, or fallen painfully. This time will likely be no different. In this week’s

Bonus Market Outlook for the week of 4/16/2018

Geoff Bysshe | April 16, 2018

Due to the current market conditions and other factors (explained in the video) I combined the premium and free Market Outlook videos! In this weeks video you'll discover: The market's at a big inflection point  The Risk On/Off indicators are close to shifting Why the move up in crude oil USO could be a big deal In addition this week's video makes  references to these areas of our site: Mish's Daily for a more short-term

Market Outlook for 4/8/2018

Keith Schneider | April 8, 2018

Stocks are at a crossroad and this week’s Market Outlook videos will cover the following: 1) Key support levels in US Equities 2) What this week’s TSI (trend strength indicator) readings on US Equities are telling us right now 2) What level Gold has to break above to confirm a major trend shift to the upside 3) The move out of US equities and Emerging Markets to more established countries 4) The under performance of


Keith Schneider | April 1, 2018

Market Outlook videos cover the current market environment in detail this week. In the videos I cover: 1) The recent breakdown and key support levels to look for in the two strongest US Stock Indexes 2) Price levels in the key US stock index to follow if the market bounces from current levels 2) What is different about our Risk Gauges negative reading from other recent risk off levels 3) The shift to Emerging Markets

Market Outlook for 3/25/2018

Keith Schneider | March 26, 2018

Market Outlook does not have any text due to heavy travel schedule. In the video I cover a few themes in detail: 1) The recent breakdown and key support levels to look for in the two strongest US Stock Indexes 2) What our Risk Gauges are telling us right now 3) The key level in Gold that would indicate more trouble ahead

9 Bullish Years Climax in…

Geoff Bysshe | March 10, 2018

Warning: This week’s Market Outlook is not what you’re expecting. A miscommunication led to Keith and I both creating the free weekly video. As a result, an interesting thing happened. Our videos were nearly identical! So what. Why should you care? Because… Our objective at MarketGauge is to look at the markets methodically, and… We build tools, strategies, and systems that enable us (and you) to see the markets in a consistent and profitable way.