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9 Bullish Years Climax in…

Geoff Bysshe | March 10, 2018

Warning: This week’s Market Outlook is not what you’re expecting. A miscommunication led to Keith and I both creating the free weekly video. As a result, an interesting thing happened. Our videos were nearly identical! So what. Why should you care? Because… Our objective at MarketGauge is to look at the markets methodically, and… We build tools, strategies, and systems that enable us (and you) to see the markets in a consistent and profitable way.

Market Outlook for 3/4/2018

Keith Schneider | March 3, 2018

This week March 5,2018 there will be the usual two videos' (free and premium) with a focus on the following: 1) The weakening of the core short term trend of US Equities 2) Market Internals and Sentiment and the Yield Curve 3) The mixed message from sector participation and the Modern Family 4) Soft commodities and Small Caps Good luck with your trading!

Weekly Market Outlook for 2/25/2018

Keith Schneider | February 25, 2018

Hello and welcome. This week there will be the usual two video’s (free and premium) for Market Outlook (no text due to heavy travel schedule) We cover a few themes in detail: 1) The core trend of US Equities 2) The improvement in some key Risk On indicator 3) The mixed message from sector participation and the modern family 4) Inflation, Emerging Markets and Oil


Keith Schneider | February 19, 2018

Newton's Back. He's Pissed Off, and You Should Be Aware of This…

Keith Schneider | February 10, 2018

This week global equities markets plunged, following U.S. equities which continued their slide from last week. This week’s decline in the U.S. was over 5% putting markets into official correction territory. As I said last week… Newton is back with a vengeance, and he is still upset that any market players would doubt his theories on the laws of gravity! The concoction of already rising rates, high valuations, extreme complacency, and unease on Capital Hill

Newton is Back

Keith Schneider | February 4, 2018

Global equities finally got slapped this week, with the US markets down almost – 4%. The Dow Industrials were down a devilish 666 points on Friday, making for its worst performance in two years. Greece and Mexico fell the least amount, down only -2%. Newton’s laws of physics seem to be exerting themselves once again.  For some, that might be comforting to know, as we might have finally come out of an unexplainable Green Hole

The Darlings of Davos

Keith Schneider | January 27, 2018

Global equity markets roared this week and even accelerated to new all-time highs on the close.  Growth Stocks and Big Caps continued their tear, up over +2% for the week. However, some global equities did even better that the US, like China, which outperformed US equities by 2x. Trump shocked the economic elite at Davos by acting presidential, which no doubt had a big impact on the markets. He said America is “back” and open

Dollar Dysfunction

Keith Schneider | January 21, 2018

US equities discounted the rancor on Capitol Hill and closed positive on Friday. This put the totals for the year up +5% on average across the major indexes.  The Dow led the pack, up +1.93 % this week. Equities seemed to love the prospect of a shutdown. On a positive note, should the shutdown last long enough, it might end up paying for the increased deficits that were just ushered in with the new tax

Something Stinks

Keith Schneider | January 15, 2018

The Markets continued their relentless rise this week with key US stock indexes up to new all-time highs. Key indexes were up about 2% for the week and 5% +/-YTD. Strong economic data, employment, wages growth and market breadth are all improving. Forget about Risk On mode, its Melt Up mode. The disconnect between market action and Geopolitical event risk has never been higher. In an interview by Gillian Tett with Ray Dalio at Jackson

Market Meltup

Keith Schneider | January 7, 2018

After taking a pause the last nine days of 2017, which almost pushed our risk gauges to the point of exiting stocks, a monster rally emerged to start off the year with the Dow Jones Industrials jumping over 2% and the NASDQ100 over 3% in the first week of trading. The laggard is small caps which was not able to close above all-time highs set in early December. If you annualize (you do the math)