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Global Chest Thumping.

Keith Schneider | April 23, 2017

US equities rallied this week, with the S &P 500 up +.9% and the Russel 2000 (IWM) up +2.6%, regaining a bullish market phase. The Nasdaq 100 closed at all-time highs. Several sectors gained ground including semiconductors which reasserted itself as the leading sector and regained its bullish phase. Some safe havens such as Utilities and Gold paused this week, which is a positive for equities. This occurred despite increased geopolitical tensions that included chest

Bombs Away

Keith Schneider | April 16, 2017

All Domestic equity markets closed with weekly losses. The S&P 500 closed under its 50-day moving average, and down -1.22%, right on its lows for the week. it’s the lowest close since mid-February. The deterioration of the Trump bump trade is palpable. Consider this cause and effect as Trump is distancing himself from key political allies and campaign promises.  Here are the monarch notes. First, Steve Bannon, has taken a bashing. it’s obvious that Trump

The Bull Bear Standoff

Geoff Bysshe | April 9, 2017

This week had its fair share of potential catalysts that could have begun the next major market move up or down. However, not even an U.S initiated missile attack, nor a surprising employment report job was enough to break the standoff between the bulls and the bears. This week’s Market Outlook focuses on the key charts and indicators to watch to determine when the market is ready to move. All of this week’s analysis is

Let Sleeping Sharks Lie

Keith Schneider | April 2, 2017

US equities markets bounced nicely last week after an awful -1.0 % gap down Monday morning. The S&P 500 ended Monday flat and the week positive +.80%.  It fulfilled prophecies of more volatility ahead, the by-product of the recent 109-day streak of extremely docile, bullish price action finally being broken. This reminds me of the sleeping sharks that frequent the underwater caves off the coast of Cancun. They may be fun to pet when snoozing

Skeptics and Upcoming Pyro Technics?

Keith Schneider | March 26, 2017

Pyyrho -Greek Philosopher (The First Skeptic) The S&P 500 did the unthinkable, it actually had a  -1.2% down day last Tuesday. This action broke the 109 day streak of S&P 500 trading without a correction of greater than 1%. The last time the S&P 500 had a streak greater than this duration was in 1963, which ended on March 1st of that year and endurred for 155 days. As of the close on Friday, the

“Uneasy Markets, Uneasy Alliance”

Keith Schneider | March 19, 2017

U.S. equities mostly inched their way forward this week, digesting another rate hike of .25% by the Federal Reserve. In fact, after the hike, rates dropped and equities rallied. The dollar dropped as well. Metals, especially gold and copper, ended the week strong after being under pressure for the past month in anticipation of the big event. Keeping things in perspective, short term rates are now at .75%, historically low. Generally, to choke off bull

Hiddenburg? Maybe Not

Keith Schneider | March 11, 2017

The Markets liked the payrolls data released Friday which reversed the steady declines (after the initial pop following Trump’s Congressional address), closing the week down .42% for the S&P 500. Moments after the jobs data was released, White House Press Secretary Spicer immediately tweeted that things were great. During the election, Trump stated that the published numbers from The Fed on unemployment were phoney and not to be trusted. Not so anymore, as Trump has

Snap, Crackle and Pop

Keith Schneider | March 5, 2017

Wall Street’s newest IPO and darling is Snapchat (SNAP). Investors (I’m using the term lightly here) clamored to get in on the hot new app, which now has a market cap of about $ 31 billion. SNAP was up roughly 70% from its IPO price by early Friday. Not bad returns for a 2-day old “camera” company, as described by its CEO. We have SNAP, it’s crackling, and yet to “pop out”. In 2016, SNAP

This Market Takes Lessons From A Chameleon

Geoff Bysshe | February 26, 2017

The markets pushed higher yet again last week extending their impressive 2017 rally, however this week was a little different than prior weeks in ways you should pay close attention to. A quick look at our sector summary page, which includes the charts shown below, highlights the interesting difference in the markets this week. In the chart below you’ll find our unique summation of the number of sectors with a positive 6-month change. This summation

A Melt Up and a Melt Down

Keith Schneider | February 20, 2017

US Equities took a que from events in Asia this week as the bulls murdered the bears in a very public show. The market is on a post-election tear not seem since LBJ took office, with the benchmark S&P 500 + 1.5% on the week and over 5% YTD. We observed  ( /)  some very extreme and unusual price movement in options trading this week which might have indicated a blow off to this