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Let’s Make a Deal

Keith Schneider | December 3, 2017

Ok, I might be dating myself, but what is happening in Washington reminds me of “Let’s Make a Deal,” one of the longest running TV game shows. This week’s market action was dominated by two big deals. First, the Senate deal on Taxes (including several special side deals) and secondly, Flynn’s guilty plea deal with Mueller. The markets mostly loved it. The Dow was up +2.96% for the week, led by value stocks. The original

Happy Thanksgiving

Keith Schneider | November 26, 2017

The MarketGauge team extends best wishes to all and a special thanks to our extended family of loyal subscribers. We took a break this week and there will be only videos.

Better than Bitcoin

Keith Schneider | November 18, 2017

US equities market had a sloppy week with movement out of the Dow (DIA) -.44% and into the Russell 2000 (IWM) +1.27%, which had been languishing since early October. Most interesting was that two modern family members Regional Banks (KRE) and Retail  (XRT ) which were having issues the last few months, came out of last week’s therapy session with an improved outlook. So, while the equity indexes were experiencing selling pressure mid-week, those weak

Oil, Commodities and A Royal Flush

Keith Schneider | November 11, 2017

Excluding the NASDAQ 100 (QQQ), US equities markets tapped (not hit) the brakes this week, ending a two-month positive weekly run for the Dow Industrials. The small caps (IWM) sold off the most -1.36% while. NASDAQ 100 (QQQ) continued to defy gravity ending the week up +.27%. Most telling was that the modern family  continues to be under the most pressure with 5 of family members trading under important moving averages. Since October 22, Market

Alaweed is in the weeds, what about Oil?

Keith Schneider | November 6, 2017

The NASDAQ 100 (QQQ) continued its melt up this week, +1.34%, outpacing all the key US indexes by a wide margin. IWM (Russell 2000) closed -.80%. Semi-conductors and the energy sector (we highlighted both last week) led the pack. Once again, market breadth as viewed by sector participation was wonky. Seven of the fourteen market sectors we track were down for the week. This time the negative action was led by homebuilders who took the

FANG Stocks Melt Up

Keith Schneider | October 30, 2017

The NASDAQ 100 (QQQ) melted up +1.7% this week, and almost +3% on Friday, led by FANG stocks. This made up for some recently lost ground on a relative basis with all the other key indexes. This action put semi-conductors and tech leadership even further ahead of the maddening crowd. However, besides the social media and tech melt up, 7 of the 14 market sectors we track were down for the week. This negative action

Market Outlook: S&P 500 Repeats Record Pattern Exactly 19 Years Later!

Keith Schneider | October 22, 2017

I know this is getting boring, but equities hit new highs yet again with Big Cap Value stocks leading the charge up +1.9% for the week. Thank you, IBM. However, just when you may be thinking it’s just another strong week, the S&P 500 took record breaking to a level not seen since October 16, 1998. This week was a “perfect week” which is when all 5 days of the week set a closing high

Its October, Time to Take the Money and Run?

Keith Schneider | October 14, 2017

This week, most key US Equities indexes hit new highs again, with the Dow industrials leading +.52 %.   This upcoming week marks the 30-year anniversary of the great market meltdown or the crash of 1987. October, although generally a good month for stock market returns, also hosts the biggest market selloffs including the great crash of 1929. Borrowing a quote form Henry Wadsworth Longfellow “and when she is good she is very, very good; but

Equities on a High, Commodities Poised to Move!

Keith Schneider | October 7, 2017

Equity markets continued to run up to all-time highs up on average another + 1.5% for the week. All this   despite multiple hurricanes, geo-political uncertainty, an unconventional presidency, and mass murder. Attribute this to an economy that has received its medical marijuana card and not feeling any pain. It’s also has taken its flu shots thereby immune to all the above. In fact, the economy is just humming along. One key number to watch is

Tax Reform Sets Grandpa Russell (IWM) On Fire

Keith Schneider | October 1, 2017

The Trump administration pivoted away from another failed attempt at repealing the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) and moved on to the next big item on its agenda, tax reform. Markets have started moving ahead of anything formal being agreed upon on Capitol Hill, so it’s a classic “buy the rumor and sell the news” situation developing. The sell the news moment of course could be that nothing much comes out of the bill or that