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How to Avoid Getting Stopped Out Of Good Trades by Market Gaps

Geoff Bysshe | August 31, 2017

When the market has a big gap down it’s easy to get scared out of your long trades that have been pulled down by the market. This video gives you a methodical approach to determining when you should sell, and when you should hold on to see if the gap down is a false move. If you'd like to learn more about setups that are perfect to enter with the opening range click here.

3 Patterns That Identify Market Leaders To Buy On Market Pullbacks

Geoff Bysshe | August 24, 2017

Market pullbacks to major moving averages provide a great opportunity to find the stocks and ETFs that will provide great trades when the market recovers or even before! Here are 3 patterns that will help identify which stocks or ETFs are market leaders, because when a market resumes its uptrend the leaders usually provide the best long trades. Click here if you'd like to learn more about the indicators in this video

How To Be Dead Wrong, and Still Have Profitable Trades (no options required)

Geoff Bysshe | July 20, 2017

Traders must be able to make money even when their opinions are DEAD WRONG! I’d like to show you how your trading can be profitable even when your opinions of the market are DEAD WRONG! Wouldn’t that be nice? It’s possible, and it doesn’t require a fancy options strategy, or any options trading at all! Here’s what recently happen to me, and you can apply the same tactics to your own trading tomorrow. And… if

Have The QQQ's Wrecked The Bull Market?

Geoff Bysshe | June 11, 2017

Friday’s tech wreck followed a pattern that you can easily identify, so that you can avoid getting caught big down days like the one in QQQ. In this video I review one of the patterns that will give you this important warning that a big bearish move may be coming. The next question traders should be asking is whether or not Friday’s collapse in the QQQ indicates a general market top. If you use the

Two Ways To Make More & Get Stopped Out Less

Geoff Bysshe | May 11, 2017

In this video you'll see how you can use leading sectors to identify the best areas of the market to trade, and figure out if a general market sell off is likely to get worse. Additionally, today’s market sell off is a good example of how powerful round numbers can be in preventing you from getting washed out of good trades. In the video I also make reference to a free webinar that shows you

How To Profit When The Bulls Hijack Your Bearish Key Reversal Pattern…

Geoff Bysshe | March 29, 2017

One of the best reasons to trade with pattern based trade setups is that you can quickly know when your trade is like to work or fail, and… Sometimes the best trades are failed patterns! For example, in strong trends ‘bearish top’ patterns, such as key reversals, often become bullish trades. This is because they create the temporary selloffs that fake out the bulls, and then propel the stock or ETF higher. Whether you choose

The Dangerous Price Level In IWM That No One Is Focused On (Yet)

Geoff Bysshe | March 23, 2017

Tuesday’s sell off brought some of the major indexes down to some attractive levels. However, it’s also caused the IWM to flirt with a very dangerous condition that no one is talking about! In this video I discuss the importance of the recent lows in the IWM, and why it’s more than just another test of 133-134 level. In the video I also demonstrate how you could have anticipated the big breaks in the key

A "Canary In A Coal Mine" Just Died. Stock Market Beware.

Geoff Bysshe | February 16, 2017

This post involves two very important concepts in anticipating the market’s next move: 1. Relative strength, and 2. Deviations from a norm. Therefore, this is something you should put into your trading bag of tricks no matter when you read this, but.. If you are reading this on the day it was posted it may prove to be very timely, because the conclusion drawn from this post could be that the market’s current melt up

This Sector Is Poised To Surprise The Market (but we see it coming)

Geoff Bysshe | February 6, 2017

Our Triple Play Indicators were on top of the up move in GDX weeks ago. Now GDX is breaking out over its 200-day moving average. You don’t need to chase it. Watch this video to see how to avoid paying up, and more importantly… The healthcare and biotech sectors are heating up, but you may not have noticed if you don’t have our Triple Play Indicators with the Price Leadership Indicator. In this video I’ll

Stocks & Patterns To Trade With Trump Now In Office

Geoff Bysshe | January 20, 2017

The markets have spent weeks digesting the election run up, but now the Russell 2000 Index ETF (IWM) is ready to move for 2 reasons! This market was the leader after the election, but has since pulled back the most, so it may be the key indicator of the next big market move. In this video I reveal several patterns to look out for if you’d like to catch the next trending move in the