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How To Profit When The Bulls Hijack Your Bearish Key Reversal Pattern…

Geoff Bysshe | March 29, 2017

One of the best reasons to trade with pattern based trade setups is that you can quickly know when your trade is like to work or fail, and… Sometimes the best trades are failed patterns! For example, in strong trends ‘bearish top’ patterns, such as key reversals, often become bullish trades. This is because they create the temporary selloffs that fake out the bulls, and then propel the stock or ETF higher. Whether you choose

The Dangerous Price Level In IWM That No One Is Focused On (Yet)

Geoff Bysshe | March 23, 2017

Tuesday’s sell off brought some of the major indexes down to some attractive levels. However, it’s also caused the IWM to flirt with a very dangerous condition that no one is talking about! In this video I discuss the importance of the recent lows in the IWM, and why it’s more than just another test of 133-134 level. In the video I also demonstrate how you could have anticipated the big breaks in the key

A "Canary In A Coal Mine" Just Died. Stock Market Beware.

Geoff Bysshe | February 16, 2017

This post involves two very important concepts in anticipating the market’s next move: 1. Relative strength, and 2. Deviations from a norm. Therefore, this is something you should put into your trading bag of tricks no matter when you read this, but.. If you are reading this on the day it was posted it may prove to be very timely, because the conclusion drawn from this post could be that the market’s current melt up

This Sector Is Poised To Surprise The Market (but we see it coming)

Geoff Bysshe | February 6, 2017

Our Triple Play Indicators were on top of the up move in GDX weeks ago. Now GDX is breaking out over its 200-day moving average. You don’t need to chase it. Watch this video to see how to avoid paying up, and more importantly… The healthcare and biotech sectors are heating up, but you may not have noticed if you don’t have our Triple Play Indicators with the Price Leadership Indicator. In this video I’ll

Stocks & Patterns To Trade With Trump Now In Office

Geoff Bysshe | January 20, 2017

The markets have spent weeks digesting the election run up, but now the Russell 2000 Index ETF (IWM) is ready to move for 2 reasons! This market was the leader after the election, but has since pulled back the most, so it may be the key indicator of the next big market move. In this video I reveal several patterns to look out for if you’d like to catch the next trending move in the

Even During 20 Years of Consolidation January Had This Trend Opportunity!

Geoff Bysshe | December 31, 2016

January Has Had This Pattern in 8 of the Last 11 Years, and You Can Profit From It. After a strong bull run from 2009 to 2016... What if the market stalls out, and becomes range bound for 20 years! It’s happened before. Below you’ll find a monthly chart of such a period. From 1963 to 1982 the Dow traded basically between 650 and 1000. This could be viewed as a nightmare for trend followers,

Early Warning Signs Of A Failing Trade

Geoff Bysshe | December 29, 2016

Buying near the low of the day doesn’t guarantee a winning trade, but it can keep you in trades longer, and keep your losses small, because a good trade will hold up in minor market declines. However, there are good lows to buy, and the rest should be avoided! Additionally there are days in the market that stack the odds of success in your favor, as well as those that put the odds severely against

Easy, Timely Entries and Great Trailing Stops Based On A Simple Tactic

Geoff Bysshe | November 29, 2016

I've taken this trading tactic right out of our "Trading Essentials" trading course, and explained it in this video for you! When the market is trending or changing trend this will give you a systematic way to know: When to enter a trend change trade to catch multi-week or month tops and bottoms. Where to find a low risk entry when a trend retraces. Where to place your stop to ride the trend to its

Why The Trump Market Crash Reversed, and Then Went Higher

Geoff Bysshe | November 17, 2016

On the night of the election the stock market was in free fall as traders reacted to likelihood that Mr. Trump would win. This was not unexpected as the markets had displayed this pattern in the months leading up to the election. Surprisingly, however, as a Trump Presidency became more certain, the market stabilized, and then rocketed higher for days. In this week’s Trades & Tutorials video I share the insightful reason for why the

Where To Find The Best Trades After The Election, Regardless…

Geoff Bysshe | November 8, 2016

Regardless of how the election turns out, the market is set up to react with big shifts in certain sectors and even bigger moves in individual stocks. In this week’s Trades and Tutorials video I show you how to identify the stocks and ETFs that you should watch for buying opportunities regardless of whether the market’s initial reaction to the election is up or down! To learn more and get access to the indicators in